Thanks for visiting! This website is here for family and friends. I am happy to upload any pictures, movies or letters that you email to me and use this site as a central location, I hope to develop it further with your help. We had trouble keeping in touch with some family members so I hope this will solve that problem.

You will have received an email from me about the publishing of this personal home page. If you want to be removed from the list let me know via email. I will only send an update email once in a blue moon.

To the extended family, in-laws and friends: While this site is labelled as the Jackson Family site I am more than willing to put together any blogs or basic web pages that you would like to see here. These can be your own section within the site. These days it is often simple to create your own blog or web pageĀ  but often we do not have the time or resources to keep them updated. Please send any information or photo's/movies you would like to share with family members and we will compile your own web space.