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Blogging time!

Ernie. Yes this is me! Of course I would put my blog top of the list.

Stuff daily quiz.Good luck!

Harvard Busines Blog. By far my favourite blog site, bit serious at times but a great selection of contributors across many fields.

Stephen Fry. Quite good fun on twitter so why not his blog

All Blacks Blog. This is one of many but not bad

David Silverman. I know the link to the Harvard Business blog is above but David is my favourite blogger there. Check out the post "That Funny Email? No One's Laughing"

Life hacker. Bit of a tips and tricks site.

We'll let's leave it there for now. I'll look forward to you sending me links to your favourite blogs so I can post them here. Hopefully it will be your own one

Twitter. It's there for fun. Not my tweets check out who I follow..